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Blockchain Hdemy

Hdemy is a training academy created by Affidaty S.p.A with the goal of providing specific and detailed information on the use and integration of the T.R.I.N.C.I.® blockchain.

Its purpose is to train professionals and managers capable of operating within the context of Web 3.0 right from the start.

Discover blockchain

from a technical and commercial perspective

Create, develop, and manage

smart contracts, custom Coin, NFT, Non-Fungible Wallet

Delve into legal

and tax guidelines for the use of cryptocurrencies

Learn about Smart Contracts

and discover how and where they can be used

Learn to manage

key resources required in the Crypto/Blockchain world

Gain skills

in the Web 3.0 world

Discover market

opportunities and how to seize them

Obtain the T.R.I.N.C.I. Dev certification

and join the Affidaty S.p.A. developer network



Blockchain competence centers created


Developers trained


Hours of free courses


Modis Partner

"The goal of the partnership is to increase competencies related to blockchain technology, by creating an educational project aimed at training new professionals in this field.”

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Analytica Partner

“The stable collaboration between Analytica and Hdemy by Affidaty was born to offer the market a better value proposition in terms of Cyber Security and blockchain”

Soges Partner

“Training plays a crucial and necessary role in deepening knowledge of Blockchain and understanding how and where it can be applied, to open new economic scenarios or enhance the exchange of value flows”

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Analytica Partner

“The purpose of the partnership is to provide students of the blockchain Management school with specific masters on the use of T.R.I.N.C.I.® for the creation of programmable currencies & smart contracts."

Our courses

corso trinci ufficiale

Master Class

full integration course

The course is designed to make blockchain more convenient and accessible for future developers. Starting from scratch, the focus will be on quick learning of the basics, but by the end of the course, concepts such as private and public keys, digital signatures, proof of stake, and proof of work will become clear, and you will be part of the next generation of digital architects.

Request skills
: Basic knowledge of computer science and programming fundamentals


13 pre-recorded lessons of about 1.5 hours each, viewable at any time


Italian and English



Who it's for

Developers, CTOs, IT Managers

What is T.R.I.N.C.I.® 

T.R.I.N.C.I.® is an open-source framework for building blockchains suitable for enterprise contexts thanks to compliance with current fiscal and legal regulations.

To date, thanks to T.R.I.N.C.I.® technology, high-value services have been developed such as: exchanges, escrow, NFTs, Custom Coins, voting systems, document certification systems, information traceability systems, and a sovereign digital identity system extended to IoT devices and multiple users.

We are open source
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Bonus Contents

The CAP Theorem on T.R.I.N.C.I.® Blockchain:

From Twitter to the banking world, we explain one of the fundamental rules of computer science, the CAP theorem.

The CAP Theorem states that it is impossible for a distributed data store (like a blockchain network) to simultaneously provide more than two out of the three guarantees: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance.

Through practical examples, we delve into the problem to understand the basics of data and information management in the blockchain world.

KADEMLIA: the peer-to-peer protocol of T.R.I.N.C.I.® Blockchain

How can two computers located at opposite ends of the Earth communicate with each other without a central system?

We introduce the Kademlia protocol, used in the T.R.I.N.C.I. Blockchain ecosystem to allow nodes to synchronize with each other without the need for a central system.

This video is an excerpt from one of the first lessons of the T.R.I.N.C.I® Blockchain training and integration course.

Clock synchronization on T.R.I.N.C.I.® Blockchain:

How can we solve the problem of synchronizing the clocks of two nodes located at opposite ends of our planet?

Starting from the most common errors, we introduce the Oracle mechanism that operates within the T.R.I.N.C.I. Blockchain for the synchronization of network nodes.

Why choose hdemy


Free prerecorded lessons available conveniently on YouTube

Optional exam to obtain the “Certified T.R.I.N.C.I. Dev” certification”

Instructors come directly from T.R.I.N.C.I.® Blockchain technical team

Contents focused on making individuals autonomous in using T.R.I.N.C.I.® Blockchain

I want to become
a certified developer

Hdemy offers those who have followed the courses the opportunity to become certified integrators "Certified T.R.I.N.C.I. Dev" by participating in a final exam.

This test includes a shared screen session with a Hdemy instructor, during which the participant will have to draft smart contracts.

Achieving certification will allow direct entry into the Affidaty S.p.A. developer network.

B2B services

Hdemy offers personalized services aimed at software houses and system integrators, aimed at creating internal competence centers dedicated to blockchain technology.

The training plans include personalized training sessions directly at the company, aimed at developing technical teams highly specialized in operating in Web 3.0 environments.

Integrators who have completed the course

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Job opportunities

We are looking for a senior Rust developer to immediately join our team.

As you know, T.R.I.N.C.I.® 2.0 is implemented in Rust and given the numerous opportunities we are receiving, we need to expand our internal team.


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